Women In Sunlight

I’m not sure if it’s a brilliant idea or a brilliantly evil method of self-torture to read a book like this during a pandemically-induced world-wide travel ban. Frances Mayes has a beautiful talent for creating vivid images in the minds of her readers, thus transporting us to a very specific place in time and geography.

The Midnight Library

Whoa! Like every book by Matt Haig that I’ve read, the premise of this book blows my mind.  He is one of those authors I would so love to sit down in a quiet, dark pub with. To have a few hours to listen to how he crafts his stories and ideas would leave me in a world of total book-nerd bliss.

The Dinner List

I became interested in this book because I had just read Rebecca Serle’s latest novel, In Five Years and loved it (we’ll get to that later). Often, when I find a new release I love from an author I enjoy, I will go backwards and read the rest of their work.